Wedding Ceremony ADD-ON

Let us play your Wedding Ceremony Music! $200

When it’s time for you to walk down the isle you want it to be perfect. We can help you with that by providing the right music for your ceremony wherever you choose to have it.Couples today are getting married in beautiful locations, but unlike a church, they weren’t designed with music in mind.

We provide asecond ceremony sound system and a wireless mic for the officiate and reader. You can be assured everyone will hear each word clearly.

We will send you a form for you to enter your wedding music selections and we can help you choose the music if you like by giving you suggestions of what other couples are using.

We play:

(Can make custom to fit your needs)

30 minutes of Pre-Ceremony Music while your guests are arriving.

Processional Song – Played as the wedding party walks down the isle.

Bride Entrance Song – Played as the Bride walks down the isle.

Interlude Song – Sometimes played as the Bride & Groom light a unity candle or do a sand ceremony.

Recessional Song – Played as the newly wedded couple and bridle party leaves the ceremony.


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