2020 Wedding Trend Forecast

With 2019 winding down (we know, it’s only September, but with the way time flies December is just around the corner) it’s time to look to the future and do some trend forecasting for what will be hot for 2020 weddings

“Colour will be huge in 2020! We are seeing a lot of sunset palettes—rich peaches, deep fuchsia, reds and corals. Also the use of unexpected materials like dried elements such as field grasses, leaves, and even dried flowers, and unexpected palettes incorporating yellows, browns. There will be a big shift away from more traditional palettes. There will also be a move towards blooms that have been out of rotation for a while like lilies, carnations, and anthurium. These are coming back in style because they are the new ‘different’ and when used in the right way in a sophisticated palette, they can be so beautiful and unique. When it comes to ceremony set ups and reception spaces, it will be all about making the most of the natural space in new and exciting ways—think of an installation in an unexpected corner, or creating more of a natural arch from the ground up rather than a classic arch, which is beautiful of course, but each couple really wants something curated for them and something that hasn’t been seen yet. Getting artful with your florals is definitely happening for 2020!”
—Mackenzie Zufelt, wedding coordinator, Wild North Flowers, 2019 Wedding Florist winner

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