San Diego, California is just one of those cities stationed along the West Coast with endless scenic views and pastoral settings, perfect for wedding celebrations held within the city limits. San Diego has a rich historical and cultural significance that dates back all the way to 1769, when it was first established. Today, San Diego is a city thoroughly jam-packed with museums, hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and so much more. For wedding celebrations, San Diego is simply one of the best cities in the country in which to host a party.

To help you and your partner find the perfect small event space for your upcoming wedding celebration, we’ve compiled this list of the top ten small wedding venues in and around San Diego, California; we hope that you and your partner enjoy reading through our list! 

Best Small Venues In San Diego

  1. The Point
  2. Flora The Venue
  3. Deck 655
  4. Luce Loft
  5. The Thursday Club
  6. Lot 8 Events
  7. The Ultimate Skybox
  8. The Cuvier Club
  9. Rose Creek Cottage 1900
  10. Darlington House
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20 of the Best Wedding DJs in San Diego, CA (2022)

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